RapidXR Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build a RapidXR experience? For example, the interactive safety training?

My Scene editor window is very small in the Studio; is there any way to make it larger?

I just lost work in the Studio because of accidental closure/crash/etc. How do I get it back?

I am seeing a lot of flickering on some objects. How can I stop that?

How do I customize my keyboard controls in the Studio?

Is there any way to Play the Viewer in the Studio without having to always press the Play button?

Do RapidXR experiences look the same on mobile VR and desktop VR?

Do I need a VR device to view a RapidXR experience?

How do I open the menu in the Cardboard Viewer?

How can I select multiple objects at once?

I just made a mistake in the Studio, can I go back a step?

Google Poly go through a loading process when I add them to the Studio. What’s going on there and why are they different from Marketplace objects?

I changed a setting and now all of my objects are moved and scaled a lot/little. How can I change this?

Can I change the units or measurement system in the Studio?

All of my scenes are transitioning on their own. Can I make them switch only when I want them to?

Is it possible to copy an object or group across scenes/experiences?

Can I hide a object at the beginning of a scene?

Hit Target doesn’t work on the object I put it on?

How do I reach an object in a spawner, in a slot?

Are you going to support WebVR?

Cats or dogs?