New in Blocksmith 4.1

4.1 Upgrade Information


New in the Builder

  • Premium Content: a Blocksmith subscription now provides access to an expansive extension of assets and experiences. Explore twice the amount of materials, objects, and characters for use in your best experiences! Also check out the exclusive education workspace for high-quality experiences.

  • Graphics: both high quality and mobile device graphics have been majorly re-worked in the 4.0 software so you can achieve much better looking scenes using both Desktop and Mobile devices. This includes:
    →Stylized vs. High Quality modes
    →Huge increase of available materials
    →Realistic environments
    →Day/night time settings

  • User interface: The color scheme and event system are much approachable and user-friendly. Don’t forget to check out the Dark Theme!

  • Integrated Quests: Blocksmith’s Quest curriculum is now fully integrated into the Builder, and it comes with very helpful abilities like reference videos, loadable pre-made scenes, and easy progress tracking.

  • Major expansion of free Assets: all Blocksmith asset libraries, from primitive geometric shapes to dynamic trees, have been greatly expanded and improved.

  • Stacked Animations: you can now move an object as many times across a scene as you would like! You do not need multiple scenes for multiple animation steps any longer!

  • And so much more: We just scratched the surface here. Explore the new Builder and check it all out for yourself.

Forest scene example:


FBX scene example:


Sci-Fi scene example:


New on Workspaces

  • Signup options: you can now decide which best suits your purpose, a quick or full sign up option.
    →Quick signup: Intended for users below 13 years of age, or schools who cannot white-list Blocksmith emails. You do not need an email address to sign up anymore, and can be managed instead by the Workspace and its administrator.
    →Full signup: traditional signup method. Use your email to create and verify an account.

  • Automatic Software Licensing: a Builder downloaded and installed from your Workspace dashboard will now automatically license itself to only show your domain’s content. No more seat licenses!

  • Expansive Blocksmith Market: you can now choose, preview, and purchase premium learning content directly on your Workspace (or even through the Builder) using the new Content Library.

  • New and improved curriculum lessons: the original Blocksmith Course has been revised and upgraded based on feedback from many educators, now known as Classic Games. Using the same feedback we have also created two entirely new 12 hour curriculum tracks: Battle Royale and Farm Sims!

  • Premium VR learning experiences: reach high levels of memory retention and student interest/participation in all education subjects using Premium experiences. They teach, and have students practice, traditionally rote or difficult lessons in a gamified virtual reality setting!