BlocksmithXR vs RapidXR

With your Blocksmith account, you have access to our two product lines:

BlocksmithXR, our accessible tool to learn and have fun with 3D design and coding

RapidXR, for creating and distributing 3D content at scale

Working with workspaces

Experiences, assets, etc are typically organized in workspaces.
You will see a full list of your workspace memberships in your online dashboard. When working with the BlocksmithXR Builder you will see workspaces associated with BlocksmithXR. When working on the RapidXR Studio you will only see workspaces associated with RapidXR. You will see experiences made with either product under My Experiences regardless of what software you are using.

Working with the BlocksmithXR System

You are automatically a member of our main community workspace (conveniently named "blocksmithxr") where you can find the best (and the second best) the world has made with our Builder software. You have full publishing rights even with a free account (once verified).
Schools and camps worldwide receive their own workspaces, using them to distribute curriculum and let their students learn and share their work in a safe environment.
You can be a member of these workspaces (or teacher/admin) and will see them in the BlocksmithXR Builder and Viewer apps.

Working with the RapidXR System

After purchasing a Pro account or starting a Pro trial, you are automatically a (view only) member of the RapidXR showcase workspace.
You can also create your own RapidXR workspaces and use them for collaboration, showcases and working with customers. And you can invite other users to your workspaces.
All your own RapidXR workspaces and those you have been invited to will show in the RapidXR Studio and Viewer apps.


  1. Why two products?
    While at the core both Blocksmith products feature accessible creation and distribution of 3D experiences for VR and AR, schools and home users have different requirements both for pricing and for distribution than pro users.

  2. Who is the home/school version designed for?
    BlocksmithXR, the home and school solution, has a strong focus on the integrated curriculum content as well as on having as much fun as possible with 3D design and creation. The school license covers scenarios with a lot of creators using the system.

  3. Who is the pro version designed for?
    RapidXR Studio features step-by-step wizards for model imports, VR walkthroughs and 360 image generation from virtual scenes. The system combines a large selection of pre-made assets, textures and background scenes with strong collaboration tools. Pro user teams can work on engaging experiences and maintain large experience catalogs for their shielded user base.