How to Make Games with Blocksmith

Want to get started making and playing games in Blocksmith? First make sure you have the Blocksmith XR Builder.

Making Games in Blocksmith

  • Explore our exciting lesson plans used by STEM teachers all over the world! Our Blocksmith-exclusive Quests will get you started quickly. A Quest is a step-by-step, animated walkthrough that teaches you the basics of the XR Builder and of Game Design through project-based lessons and challenges. Quests are available for any Premium account in the Content Library for classes and self-taught learners to use for a great Blocksmith experience.
    Want more guidance? At STEM Forged, we offer remote instructor programs to get highly motivated Blocksmith experts into your classroom.
    Here is an example of how a Quest chapter guides you through making an amazing maze game:

  • If your prefer discovering and learning about new software on your own, use our Advanced Users guide to find how to use the essential tools. Then try to make your own game from scratch by opening the XR Builder and exploring its powerful features.

  • Make a game with help from our Youtube Daily Challenges. There are 10 wacky challenges from building a castle on an island, to making a pizza tossing game, to playing fetch on Mars with the Perseverance Rover!

Playing Games in Blocksmith