We merged!

Meridian, Idaho - Blocksmith, a leading game design tool that enables development for Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), and Bifrost Digital Forge, LLC (STEM Forged), an expert in scholastic esports and game development, have merged to create an educational powerhouse and to establish a new standard in game-centered STEM education.

The newly combined entity is set to provide K-12 schools across the world with game design and esports education. Students will gain the skills necessary to excel in the rapidly growing video game industry, and will acquire valuable transferable skills for other professions. The new company will also offer comprehensive professional development programs to teachers and staff to enable them to teach game design and esports effectively.

"Our decision to merge with Blocksmith was an easy one due to our excellent history of synergy and collaboration," said Grant Hathaway, CEO of STEM Forged. "This merger will allow us to expand our reach and provide more students with the opportunity to learn these important skills, which are becoming increasingly relevant in today's job market."
The newly combined company will operate under the STEM Forged trade name and will be headquartered in Meridian, Idaho. Bifrost Digital Forge LLC has been dissolved.

"We are proud to join forces and become leaders in game design and esports education," said Markus Nigrin, CPO of Blocksmith. "Together, we can create a lasting impact in students' lives by equipping them with the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed in such innovative industries."

The merger was finalized on April 8th, and further details on the combined entity and its offerings will be revealed in the upcoming months. Educators and school administrations can now look forward to accessing the best game design and esports education, which will prepare their students for a bright and promising future.