What's New in 7.1.2?

Happy summer to all Blocksmiths! The expansive 7.1.2 update adds some of the most requested features from you, especially for Virtual Reality! It also improves some core abilities like better loading between scenes and more visible Scoreboards. See the full release notes for all features, fixes, and improvements.

Major Features in 7.1.2

Improved Scene Loading

Scenes now load during the scene transition. This is great news for new and expert users alike since it improves performance for Chromebooks and on the Web, while also showing fully loaded scenes on higher-end devices. No longer will you see scene objects load while playing!

Scoreboards in the Builder and Viewers

You can now see your high scores directly in the Builder or Viewers! Instead of opening the experiences' webpage to see Scoreboards, whenever you achieve a highscore in a Builder or Viewer you will immediately see that score's ranking on both the Daily and All Time Scoreboards.

Get a Highscore in Moon Lander

Player Rotation in VR Viewers

A highly requested feature for VR. This change allows you to rotate your view by 45 degrees in VR, which provides much easier navigation. Just press right/left on your VR controller's joystick and your view will rotate 45 degrees in that direction.

VR Movement Controls

Controlling objects and cameras using events is now possible for VR players! You can now take control of any object using Events, including Cameras. VR players can join any game or experience where the you control a non-player object like a robotic Moon Lander, a flying drone, or even a 3rd-person character.

Expanded Ragdoll, Physics, Character, and Animation Events

The new additions to the Event System are:

  • Reset Animation event


  • Ragdoll Body Targets


  • Velocity and Torque Event References


  • Character-specific Event Targets


Account Deletion in iOS Apps

Anyone using an iOS Builder/Viewer can now delete their account directly in the app if they are concerned about their privacy.

Get the 7.1.2 Update

Download the Builder and Viewer apps from the Download page right now.
Or if you have already installed the Builder, find the Update button in the top bar to start the automatic Builder update process.