New in Version 5.0

New Builder Features

Check out each of the major features introduced in the 5.0 Builder below! See the Full Release Notes for more details or download the Builder to try it for yourself.

  • Art Styles: We have massively reworked how experiences are presented on different devices, and are introducing three art styles: Low Poly, Stylized, and Realistic.


  • Advanced Scene Graphics: Take the graphics customization of each scene to a whole new level using the advanced scene graphics options. Explore the fog and shadow settings to make your scene seem like its underwater, in the middle of a cloud, or set during a spooky night!


  • Physics: Its here! Enable physics on any shape and watch it tumble around, crash into other shapes, or fall in a chain like dominoes...

  • Navigation: Any group or object can now hold a Navigation Component. With it active, anything can chase down the Player or wander around a scene!

  • Share with Blocksmith: Sharing experiences with us is now possible right through the Builder. Let us know if you want us to look at a problem or feature something cool you made!


  • And so much more: We just scratched the surface here. Download and explore the new Builder and check it all out for yourself.

New on the Web

  • Customize your Blocksmith profile!

  • Send and receive messages from other users.

  • Create collections of experiences to highlight your best work.