What's New in 5.7

Major Features

The 5.7 Builder and workspace update has been released! It includes one of the most requested Workspace features: Quest Progress Tracking is easier and more powerful for Workspace Admins and Teachers!

See the Full Release Notes for more details or Download the Builder to try it for yourself.

  • Improved Quest Progress Tracking: Workspace Admins can now see their students' names, classes, and more with the overhauled View Quest Progress window. Additionally, you can sort users by those new fields to have a fast and simple way to review your students' progress through their Quests!

  • Snap points on Lights and FX: Both Light and Special Effect objects now have snap points, making them much easier to use! This means making advanced game objects, like a burning lit torch, will be faster and simpler than ever. Press Spacebar to enable snap points on those objects and then drag them to connect to other shapes.


  • New Searching options in the Builder: You can now find great experiences across workspaces by switching the Load window to search everywhere! Instead of browsing multiple workspaces to find an experience or template, just look for it using the search bar!

  • And so much more: We just scratched the surface here. Download and explore the new Builder and check it all out for yourself.