What's New in 6.0

Major Features

The 6.0 version is here! This huge update establishes the Blocksmith system as a universal 3D content creation tool. It opens up custom character importing and animation, as well as major improvements to user interface and collaboration options.

  • Custom 3D Characters: You can now customize and add people to the Builder! We recommend Ready Player Me characters, since they are easy to customize and you can even create a virtual version of yourself by uploading a picture! We support rigged characters created in Fuse as well. See how to create and import your custom characters using Ready Player Me here!


  • 2500+ Character Animations, Moods, and Looks: Any imported character can have a body animation be applied to it. You can choose from over 2500+ body animations, from golf putting to fiery salsa dances! Then spice up their facial features by giving them mood and having them look around!

  • Experience transfer and collaboration for all premium users: All Blocksmith paid users can now transfer and collaborate on other paid users projects. In a classroom setting, your students can transfer projects to one another, or alternatively add their work on a collaborative project.

  • New UI, with adjustable panels and toolbar: One of the most obvious updates in 6.0 is probably the hugely improved user interface. Each tool that was previously tied to a hotkey now has its own visible button in the Builder's top bar, when it is set to the Full Taskbar mode.
    School admins and Camp instructors: You can force the Builder UI to look like the previous versions when teaching Blocksmith!

  • Wizards for new projects: Want to quickly make a VR, AR, 360 image, 3D model, or Architectural experience? You can use the Wizards in the Design window to quickly setup those specific projects in minutes!

  • Media Export Options, Export Experience as Video, Gif, 360 Image, 3D Model, and Webplay: Check out https://www.info.blocksmithxr.com/overview for examples!

  • Save Preferred Artstyle with Experience: A much requested feature, creators can now dictate which Artstyle they want their experiences viewed in. Now, a carefully crafted low-poly world will show up like that on all devices, from Cardboard to High-End SteamVR headset. And a realistic architecture scene will only fall back to less demanding Styles if the target device absolutely requires it.

  • Head Slot for Characters: Hats! Sunglasses! Any group (including animated objects) can now be attached to a character and will move with it. One could even imagine doing in-game UI with this.

  • Celebration FX: Last but not least: Fireworks the newest special effect to be added to the Builder. Celebrate your players' successes with some awesome fireworks, or create your own 4th of July scene!