What's New in 6.2

Major Features

So much is new in 6.2! This version allows for the fastest and easiest 3D scene creation yet with the add template and merge scene features. There are also major improvements to quickly playing and editing projects online, faster video streaming in Quest curriculum, and supporting experiences on their intended devices. Check out the full release notes!

  • Adding Template Scenes: New scenes in the XR Builder can be added directly from any template! Want your next scene to be a beautiful outdoor setting, on the moon, or in an office? Just select "From Template" in the Add Scene drop-down and choose a remixable experience from any workspace to add all its scenes!

  • Merging Scenes: Just as powerful as adding scenes from templates, you can now merge scenes together! This feature combines the objects in both scenes, and keeps any animations or events on them. This means you can build out a 3D model or game mechanic in an empty scene, add a nice background scene, and then merge the two!

  • Streaming Quest Videos: Our helper clips are now streaming which reduces loading times significantly.

  • Customizable Platform Support: Designing an experience for a specific platform, like VR or mobile? You now have better control over which platforms your experience can run on.

  • Bigger and Better Web Player: We are seeing more visitors coming to our website and your workspaces every month so we’ve majorly improved our experience Web Player. From better quality to fullscreen display, you name it.


  • Classlink Support: Our new sign-in flow paves the path for Classlink support (and soon: Apple ID!). That’s right, no more account juggling when your school supports Classlink.

  • Tabletop AR: Augmented Reality experiences scale down to a tabletop size unless otherwise set up. That means pretty much everything you make automatically looks great in AR, but you can fully control the appearance, from life-size to table-top!