Pro Workspace Setup

Tips and tricks on unlocking the full power of a Pro Workspace

With a Pro plan, you can create as many workspaces as you would like! We just ask that you use the workspaces you create. We reserve the right to remove any misused workspaces.

Members of a Workspace
All Members of a workspace can see any experience published to the workspace.

We suggest if you need to limit the view of a group of users to a specific group of experiences to create a new workspace.

Publishing experiences to a workspace
Publishing experiences to workspaces is easy. This can be done in the Studio after saving or on the web on the experience's page. You can published experiences with 4 different access levels for members of the domain.

Publish Description Recommended for Ownership
View only Members can view the experience but not see how it is set up Clients Doesn’t change
View and Edit Members can view and edit the experience but not create copies Collaborations Doesn’t change
View and Copy Members can view and edit the experience but only create copies Templates Members own copies
View, Edit and Copy Members can view and edit the experience and create copies We don’t know Members own copies

Collaborating on a Workspace
Invite your employees to your collaboration workspace to help you create and update experiences.

Creating custom apps
Workspaces can be used to bundle experiences together and distribute them through a whitelabel app. This will go to a limited beta group soon. Let us know if you are interested in being selected for this group by
emailing us at

Customizing your workspace homepage
Not all users know this but you can customize the homepage of your workspace, just find Customize Homepage under Admin Corner in your Admin Dashboard. Your homepage is You can customize 4 sections of this page:

  1. Logo - this will appear in the top left corner across all pages of your domain
  2. Photo Carousel - marketing material showcase
  3. Welcome Message - let users know the purpose of your workspace
  4. Collections - showcase collections of experiences on your workspace*

*collections can be managed on the collections page of your workspace