Reselling BlocksmithXR

How to setup your reseller account with BlocksmithXR

Welcome to the Blocksmith reseller program!
We are excited to work with you and have tried to make this process as easy as possible. If you are not set up as a reseller and would like to talk to us about that, please contact us at

First step is to find your reseller shop. This should be connected to your Blocksmith Account in your Dashboard:


From here you can

  1. Connect your Stripe Account
  2. Create Reseller Keys
  3. Get your Reseller links out into the world!

Connecting to Stripe

We pay commissions via Stripe. For large specialty resellers we can route your customers to your own store instead. Please contact us at if you want to explore that option.

To connect with Stripe, simply click on "Connect Stripe Account" in your Reseller Dashboard. From here you can login to an existing Stripe Account or create one.


Creating Reseller Keys

Reseller Keys are how we know that a customer has been referred by you.
Use several keys to differentiate specific sales associates or marketing efforts. Create as many as you need by clicking "New" under keys. Click on the blue links to

  • Rename the Reseller Key
  • Get signup link to send out to customers
  • See what users have signed-up with that link


When a user follows your signup link they will be directed to create an account. This is crucial in order for them to be connected to your reseller's page and credit any sale coming from that account to you.

This is what they will see:


We are here to support you. If you have any questions please email us: