What's New in 7.4.0?

The 7.4.0 Blocksmith update is live! It is our biggest release of the year so far, and is packed with new features.

Experiences can now be configured to be played in a 3rd Person View! You can even create a Player avatar through your preferred Viewer, like on a tablet or web browser.
Players can dance and gesture using body animations, and can be prevented from interacting with other players and objects.

Custom Materials can be created with the newly implemented AI texture generation and seamless tiling features. More AI features include text generation to make your story games shine, and AI credits that can now be bought for an entire hub.
Variables and message parameters feature many more types including Boolean.
Multiplayer was improved in particular, so games can now stretch over multiple scenes, players can be spawned in spawn zones, and private multiplayer lobbies can be created.

See the full release notes for all features, fixes, and improvements.

Major Features in 7.4.0

3rd Person View

Setting up 3rd Person View on a Player only takes a few clicks!

If you want to go further, you can customize it to show a specific avatar, a focused aiming vs. running mode, or even view your avatar from a camera.

Try enabling 3rd Person Views in a few of your games!

Or feel free to check out this demo!
3rd Person Demo: Portal Verse

Multi-scene Multiplayer

Ever wonder why you couldn't move between scenes in multiplayer? Well now you can! Simply enable the "Allow Scene Transitions" setting on a Multiplayer Lobby object and you are good to go! Just remember to give your players some way to get between scenes. I personally like portals :)

Animations for Player Avatars

You know those new 3rd Person avatars? Well what fun would they be if you couldn't make them breakdance, backflip or burpee! Body animations can now be applied to player avatars and triggered just like any other animation, using Events.

Blocksmith Olympics anyone?

Player Crouch Ability

One of the most requested features by popular demand! Press the "Ctrl" key (or customize the keybinding to your fav) to have your Player crouch in both 1st and 3rd Person Views.

Stealth game fans and campers rejoice! Wait...

AI Material Generation and Seamless Tiling

Tired of using the same old options from the standard Materials? Now you have the power! You can generate and deeply customize your own materials, and then save them to your account to be used in any project. Start thinking of your most needed textures!

It only takes a prompt and a couple of credits to go from here:

To here!

New Events Changes!

  • New Deactivate/Activate Player Interaction Events

  • New Set Font/Set Font Size Events

  • New Player Distance Condition

  • Improved Change Text Event UI

Get the 7.4.0 Update

Download the Builder and Viewer apps from the Download page right now.
Or if you have already installed the Builder, find the Update button in the top bar to start the automatic Builder update process.