What's New in 7.5.0?

The 7.5.0 Blocksmith update has dropped! It includes a major rework of the multiplayer system, allowing for multi-team setups and easier creation of multiplayer games in general.

You will also see several new features including a Spawn Zone object for dynamic respawning of both players and objects, a customizable Indoor room platform for quick indoor scene design, invisible 3rd-person controllers for easy vehicle setups, and a couple new events.

See the full release notes for all features, fixes, and improvements.

Major Features in 7.5.0

Multi-team Multiplayer

The multiplayer system in Blocksmith has been majorly revamped in 7.5.0. It is easier than ever to set up a multiplayer match, literally taking just a few clicks.

And say goodbye to the old two-team only setup. You can you can now add as many teams as want, or reduce it down to one single team for free-for-all games. Each team has customizable team colors, and the option to support specific device platforms.


The result is that multiplayer in Blocksmith is easier to use but more powerful than ever.

Try it out for yourself, or play this demo game!
Shinobi Warrior Challenge

Spawn Zones

The respawn location of both players and objects can be changed now using the Respawn Zone. Find it in the Special object tab and use it to make checkpoints, drop zones, multiplayer team spawn areas or more!

Explore that demo here:
Respawn Zone Checkpoints

Invisible 3rd Person Players

Take control of the 3rd Person player controller. Add any animated character or vehicle to use the 3rd person controllers settings, so you can quickly set up unique players!

Bot Demo

Vehicle Demo

Want to race now?
Night Race in the City

Customizable Indoor Room

Design a well-lit indoor room that performs well across all devices in seconds. Use the new Custom Room option for the Indoor platform to see a room with pre-made lighting options, scale-able walls/ceilings, and editable materials.

Unlocked 3D Model Export

Anyone with a paid Blocksmith license can now export 3D models. Export your favorite Blocksmith 3D models to use them in other 3D or game design programs, or 3D print them to your heart's content.


Allow an object, like a boss, friend, or pet, to follow the player around multiple scenes. Their position will be preserved each time you enter a new scene.

New Events

  • Set Ambient Color: Changes the environmental lighting color while playing. Great for horror games or beautiful lighting setups.
  • Set/Remove Tags: Allows tags on objects or players to be added or deleted while playing a game. Intended for on-the-fly object identification.

Get the 7.5.0 Update

Download the Builder and Viewer apps from the Download page right now.
Or if you have already installed the Builder, find the Update button in the top bar to start the automatic Builder update process.