Creating and Distributing Virtual Reality Content at Scale

A house scene opened in the Builder

Studio Software

  • Highly accessible tool to create interactive 3D content
    • Character Animations
    • Intuitive Event System
    • JavaScript Integration
  • Large selection of VR ready assets, adding more all the time!
  • Experiences work with mainstream VR devices, phones, and tablets, update experiences without updating the app!
Front desk of a bank

Distribution Management

  • Unlimited workspaces to control which users see what
  • Exclusive, safe online storage for experience distribution
  • Multi-tier access management
  • Collaboration and Versioning
Portrait of Melissa Frates
Our customers use Blocksmith to create architecture and product showcases for their clients, and training for their employees. Using Virtual Reality they see unprecedented increase in engagement and memory retention.Melissa Frates, Product Manager