Daily Challenges

Schools closed? Stuck at home with your kids?

We are identifying fun, free educational activities we like and pair them with a creative challenge every day!
Best of all, these can be done with the free version of our 3D Builder Software (How does that work).
And we are tackling those challenges ourselves! Check out our YouTube channel for live streams and learn lot's of tips and tricks with a cool subject at hand.

Day 1:

We love the Smash Boom Best podcast! Check out the 5th episode, Castles vs Caves. Listen, then challenge your kids to create the coolest castle or cave in 3D!

Day 2:

It is Friday, a good time to visit some... fish!
World famous Monterey Aquarium has live webcams. What exhibit would your students build with our free 3D software?

Day 3:

Today, we learn Fun Facts about Fungi, courtesy of the Utah State University. Explore and challenge your kids to create a 3D Fungi hunt with the free version of Blocksmith!

Day 4:

A new distance-learning challenge for your kids!
Listen to EP 7th Smash Boom Best, Pizza vs Tacos, then eat a Taco (because Taco Tuesday!), then let them create a 3D pizza or taco. All free. Except the Taco.

Day 5:

April Fools pranks sure can bond a family stuck at home. Or not.
Today, read up on classic pranks, then let your students create and design a 3D surprise, using our free Builder app.

Day 6:

Time to visit Mars with your students!
Google has this great WebVR experiment up. Check it out and let your students build a virtual Mars Rover in 3D with Blocksmith!

Day 7:

We heard some people like... tigers!
Peek into the San Diego Zoo and challenge your kids to mock up their perfect tiger habitat in 3D with our free software!

Day 8:

The Dutch Rijksmuseum has an impressive online tour. How would an imaginative museum look like?
Beginner Blocksmith users: Create a virtual museum! Advanced: Fill it with interactive exhibits!

Day 9:

Wait, you can make a career of flying drones?
Today's Blocksmith challenge is advanced: Create and program a virtual drone to follow your hand movements!

Day 10:

It is Draw a Picture of a Bird Day!
Our Farm Simulator game making course features a chapter where your students make a bouncy chicken. Try this with the free version and send us your birds.