Daily Challenges - Get Started

Welcome to BlocksmithXR!

If you are looking for meaningful screen time for your kids or students (or yourself!), you came to the right place! The BlocksmithXR system is a fun way to take the first serious steps into game and virtual reality development. We are starting to run daily challenges to help keep students, parents and teachers engaged while at home.

Best of all, it is completely free for you to use!

What is the catch?

No catch! The free version is to give you a taste and to get your started.
We do offer a premium version with a ton of additional assets for serious creators.

If you are homeschooling or wanting to teach camps or classes remotely, we have a fantastic, self guided learning track for your students. No reading endless texts and no long YouTube videos to watch. Instead, an interactive self paced courses fully integrated into our Builder software.

How do I start for free?

As an individual user or homeschooling parent, simply sign up for free, download the software and get started.
As a teacher, if you want to see our classroom management and test with multiple students, sign up for a free trial here.

For all users, check out the four free course hours that come with any trial! Those four hours are set up to help your students learn the basics and leave them hungry for more!

Make sure you check out our help page if you get stuck!


Are you going to sell my email address?
No. We are a privately owned company that emphasizes our user's privacy.

Are you going to send me a lot of emails?
No, and you can change your settings any time.

Do I need a virtual reality device for this?
No. If you have one we support it with native viewer apps and promise it will blow your student's mind to see their work in VR.